Help Keep the Water Safe with these simple rules…

Surfing in the Ocean Grove and 13th Beach region should be a great experience for everyone.  To ensure the safety of yourself and of others there are general surfing rules called ‘surfing etiquette’ which are used in the line up.  Understanding these rules and using them when in the surf makes a session that much more enjoyable for everyone.  And if you are ever in doubt…just ask.  Any surfer will be happy to explain them.  Enjoy!

Surfrider Foundation’s – The Surfer’s Code

  • Respect the beach, ocean and others
  • The surfer closest to the peak has the right of way
  • First to his or her feet has priority
  • Stay out of the way of riders on waves
  • If in doubt, don’t paddle out
  • Be aware of currents, jetties and other surfers
  • Hold on to your board
  • Clean up after yourself and others less thoughtful
  • Always aid another surfer in trouble
  • Share the water, your knowledge and your stoke
  • Give Respect To Gain Respect