Term Grom and Junior Performance Training

Surf Sessions, the surfing development experts conduct Grom & Junior Performance Development programs during terms 1,2 & 4.   Each class has a specific subject to increase the surfer’s knowledge, surfing awareness and skills sets based on their current surfing ability.  In addition to this each surfer will work on individual aspects in their surfing to accelerate their personal development.

Students will be provided with surfing development programs with a focus on increasing their repertoire of surfing maneuvers as well as promoting correct style and technique.  An overall aim of the program is to strengthen the surfers ocean knowledge, surfing confidence and to build strong foundations for long term surfing success and enjoyment.

The program is available to Groms and Juniors aged from 6 to 17 years of age.  Groups will be formed on the basis of development focus and contest training requirements focus.  All members must be competent ocean swimmers, be able to swim 100 meters unaided in the open ocean and surf independently.

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